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What to do?



“ There is always something going on and one cannot attend every event"


                  "Year round are speeches from famous people held in auditoriums on campus"

"Freshman students usually live in dorms with sizes between 80 to 150 students so there.           are always people to link with and go anywhere."


                             "This is a very good way to get to know a lot of people in a                        very short time allowing for a vivid social life in ones vicinity."


Parties are usually held at by fraternities, ranging from pure drinking parties to dancing parties.



The C Review

Social Life


Freshman Year Social Life:

Trying to get beer at frat parties, playing beer pong. Very liberal policy at Stanford where RA's are more hands off in enforcing no underage drinking, although because of a consistent stream of hospital visits for alcohol poisoning, this may change in future years.



 Sophomore Year:

Some frat parties, hanging out with the close group of friends you made freshman year, exploring off campus more frequently. If you're into co-ops, co-op parties (way better than frat parties).



Senior Year:

Often more focused on academics, honors thesis, graduate school, find a job, etc. But also a lot of fun senior events to attend (formals, Pub Night). Summary: Stanford is really social, you won't lack for opportunities to party here.



Junior Year: Mostly hanging out with close group of friends + off-campus activities. Hosting room parties.



Dorm Life


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