Our Vision

Our Vision is to guide and help students from all over the world feel comfortable and excited about college while receiving instant access to specific information. Many high school students and parents have doubts about college, where those doubts are never answered but held into decision making. We are a one stop shop for the college admissions process. Users have access to college information, professor opinions, college advice, and the opportunity to ask a college student any question.

About Me


Reece VanDeWeghe


I am currently 18 years old. I attended Oaks Christian Highschool, and I have been coding and founding businesses for years. When I was 15 years old, I had a huge passion for photography. I created VanDeWeghePhotography.com in response to my passion because I thought that I could possibly sell some of the photos that I took. VanDeWeghe Photography quickly changed from a hobby to a business when I started to not only quickly sell out my framed photos, but also get hired for photoshoots, weddings, and even the NBA Las Vegas Summer League. At 16 years old I took a HTML/CSS course at Harvard University with IDTech. At 17 years old I founded EstablishYourselfNow.com. Establish Yourself Now (EYN for short) was aimed at the purpose to help unexperienced and underprivileged entrepreneurs create their business. I made websites for my customers and laid out strategic plans to grow my customer's businesses. I also managed their social media platforms and searched for more customers. While continuously managing these other businesses, at 18 years old I am now creating The C  to help students with the college admissions process.